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Yum Wax

Yum Wax

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This super slick, gloss enhancing, buttery wax has been formulated using Carnauba and Montan wax blends to add depth and clarity to the point which will leave you with the coveted wet look. The experience of using a premium blended, super easy to use wax, that delivers gloss readings that are off the charts is something that will never be beaten.

  • Resin infused Montan and Carnauba blend.
  • Designed with the upmost ease of use in mind.
  • Achieves sharp clarity and candy like gloss on all finishes.

As wax lovers, we had a tall order to achieve our rendition of what we view as a top tier wax that requires no special conditions, nor 7 microfiber towels to remove the product from each panel.

After testing many different blends and variations in raw material content, we stabilized a formula that delivers to you a fantastic user experience, with results being achieved with a very simple application method.

  • Provides you with a deep clarity and durability of 4 weeks with correct maintenance.
  • Contains Brazilian Carnauba and Montan wax strengthened with resins.
  • Applies and removes with ease.
  • Safe to use on painted, clear and gel coated surfaces and fiberglass.
  • Can be layered for additional gloss and protection.

For best results, Yum Wax should be applied to a clean, decontaminated and clayed surface and it can be layered after 24 hours of application for additional gloss and protection.

We recommend to apply Yum Wax with our dedicated super plush Applicator or the Wax Hex Grip. For the best experience in removal of this product we advise to use our dedicated Wax & Sealant Microfiber Towel.

For the ultimate guide on Yum Wax, please watch the below YouTube video.

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