New Rig Warranty

Cigar City Assembled Rig Warranty

Thank you for choosing our rig for your pressure washing needs. We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our warranty terms and conditions. Please read the following information carefully.

Pressure Washing is a maintenance intensive industry and you must be able to carry out repairs on your own. All warranties, except for workmanship issues, are done through the manufacture with us as the service center. 

  • Rig Testing and Maintenance: All rigs are thoroughly tested for a minimum of one hour under pressure before leaving our shop in addition to a one-hour walk through on delivery to show you how to operate your rig and that everything is working correctly. It is your responsibility as the end user to perform all maintenance and repairs on the rig after this point. We do not provide payment to any other company for repairs for any reason. In the event of a part failure or defect, we can ship the replacement part to your preferred service center, but you are responsible for their labor.


  • CCSW Workmanship Warranty: During the first 90 days of ownership, we cover workmanship issues. This includes instances such as incorrect plumbing, bolts failing or snapping during transport, and factory defective parts. Please note that the remedy for these situations will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If a workmanship issue arises, we will ship you the necessary defective or failed parts within 90 days of purchase and provide guidance on replacing the part. 


  • We will gladly install/repair any issues in the first 90 days, but you must bring the rig to us at our location. We do not cover transportation, lodging, fuel or loss-of-work costs.


  • Exclusions from Warranty: The following items are excluded and does not have any warranty:
  • Chemicals, Ball Valves, Hoses, Guns/Wands & 12v Pumps

For items that have their own manufacturer warranties, such as CRX, Honda, Noco, Flojet, GF, Pentair, Delavan and a few others, you must contact the manufacturer directly for warranty replacements. We are unable to offer free replacements for these items.

CRX Engines: CRX engines can be serviced at CRX/Simpson dealerships, which often include mower shops. These authorized warranty service centers can handle the required repairs on engines. If needed, we can ship parts directly to them if they don't have them in stock. CRX provides easy access to certain items like fuel pumps, coil packs, starters, and rectifiers. They can ship these parts directly to you at no cost. We can also offer over-the-phone support to assist you with the easy installation. 

Honda Engines: Honda engines can be serviced at Honda dealerships, which often include mower shops. These authorized warranty service centers can perform the necessary repairs on engines. Please be aware that Honda has a lengthy warranty repair process that may take several weeks.

We strive to provide quality products and stand behind our workmanship. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the warranty, please don't hesitate to contact us at 813-686-7638 or  Thank you for choosing Cigar City Softwash!