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Yum Tyre Brush

Yum Tyre Brush

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Tyre dressings and conditioners always work and bond the best when they are applied to a clean and prepared tyre, and the Yum Tyre Brush is the perfect tool for just this purpose. The semi-stiff bristles were carefully chosen to add enough bite to the cleaning process, but not extremely stiff, to the point where you are suffering from splash back or are unable to apply a lot of pressure due to the stiffness of the bristles.

  • The perfect accessory for preparing the tyres for dressings.
  • Gently cleans the tyre wall.
  • No splash back during the cleaning process.

The preparation stage is always the key, and this accessory is no different. This lightweight brush is perfect for cleaning the outer tyre walls to remove dirt, grime and previously applied tyre dressings. The soft bristles gently agitate the surface, without any splash back.

This brush goes hand in hand with Yum Undress to decontaminate the tyre wall so, by teaming these up together, you will have the true professional set up to clean and decontaminate your tyres on every wash to ensure your dressing of choice bonds and looks its best.

This brush is also a great accessory for cleaning convertible soft top vehicles. This brush will gently agitate the fabric and remove stubborn stains, ingrained dust and grime without causing damage. For heavily soiled areas, we recommend to spray the fabric roof down first with a pressure washer, then use this brush paired with our cleaner, Yum Citrus. Multiple hits maybe required if the area has not been maintained regularly.

Care Instructions

  • Rinse following use with warm water.
  • Leave to air dry.
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