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Yum Interior

Yum Interior

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Yum has created the first of its kind total interior cleaner, eliminating the need for 4-5 different products to do the same task. This one multipurpose product safely cleans the entire interior without having to worry about damaging sensitive materials with harsh cleaners.

  • Safe on all major interior surfaces found in vehicles.
  • Contains no harsh cleaners or dressings.
  • Returns all surfaces to original factory sheen with no greasy by-product

Vehicle interiors require special care to keep them clean and protected for many years to come. Unfortunately, most people do not realise how harmful harsh detergents can be on leather, vinyl and textured plastic. Harsh cleaners remove the colour and cut the sheen from fine interior finishes which at the same time removes the vital natural oils.

This ultimate interior cleaner will safely and effortlessly clean to reveal an OEM finish on all surfaces. Yum Interior is a very powerful formula, yet gentle enough to be used on most interior surfaces such as plastics, rubber, metal, leather and fabric without causing any staining. We always recommend you carry out a test spot area first on any sensitive and delicate leather areas to ensure it does not remove any dye colouring and if needed, you can dilute it by up to 50% with water.

This formula is unique, you can wipe it into plastic or leather surfaces with our Interior Towel to gently lift dirt, but it does not require any rinsing afterwards like you may need to do with other strong interior cleaners. It will remove dirt and grime from the surface without leaving any stains or marks behind.

Yum Interior is the perfect solution for your vintage or modern car interior. Use it for cleaning the doors, seats, pedals, dashboard, leather, alcantara and more! It will easily remove any grime, mud, dust and fingerprints whilst killing unwanted smells with the fresh Eucalyptus scent.

How To Use:

Simply apply a spray or two onto the surface or towel, work the product into the surface and then wipe clean to leave the surface spotless. Multiple Interior towels are required for this process to ensure there is no cross contamination. Agitate stubborn dirty areas with our detailing brushes to activate the further deep cleaning capabilities.

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