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Yum Clay Block

Yum Clay Block

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Safely remove bonded contaminants and particles from your vehicle to bring back a perfectly smooth finish with the Yum synthetic Clay Block. Clay is an abrasive material that is designed to remove bonded contaminants like break dust and tar from the surface of your paint and glass. This process has the potential to mark your paint as the contaminants are removed, so we would always recommend to follow up with a machine polish afterwards.

  • Synthetic clay has the benefit of lasting much longer than traditional clay.
  • If you drop it, you can just wash it and reuse.
  • Up to 40 uses out of one Clay Block.

If you have ever felt rough areas on your vehicle while washing that won’t budge even after a full decontamination, this is usually the main sign that you may possibly need to clay your vehicle. By leaving it and doing nothing, the contaminants can penetrate through the clear coat and cause further damage.

Clay should be performed on a clean area, so always wash it thoroughly first and start with a clean surface. The clay process must always be used in conjunction with lubrication, which helps to minimise any damage. Yum Detailer, and a wash bucket filled with clean water and Yum Wash is the perfect combination for this task.


  • Thoroughly wash and chemically decontaminate the vehicle.
  • Prepare a bucket with clean warm water and Yum Wash.
  • Start in a small area and spray the area liberally with Yum Detailer, or, using Yum Wash in a bucket with water, wet the area to be treated.
  • Glide the Clay Block over the area in an up and down, left to right action. During this process, continually check the Clay Block for any sign of contaminants on the surface of the Clay Block and regularly rinse it out by placing it back into the bucket with Yum Wash.
  • Once the Clay Block glides effortlessly, it is a sign that the area is decontaminated.
  • Repeat this stage over the entire area to be treated.
  • Once complete, wash the vehicle again prior to drying the vehicle.
  • Following every clay process, the vehicle should be machine polished, or, if this is not possible, apply protection until you can carry out the polishing process.
  • Clay should never be used on a regular basis as it is essentially marring your paint. You should instead be protecting your vehicle after every maintenance wash to minimise this stage.

Care Instructions

Always rinse the Clay Block after use using warm water and allow to air dry.

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