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XL ALPHA Boar Bristle Brush

XL ALPHA Boar Bristle Brush

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We consider this brush to be the absolute best investment you can make in your window or solar panel cleaning company.

The Tucker Alpha Boar Bristle brush is the pinnacle of Water Fed brushes. This premium boar bristle window cleaning brush is built around our dual trim, 4 pencil jet brush but with some serious additions that even the most seasoned window cleaning professional will appreciate. It includes an over the top rinse bar as well as our swiveling gooseneck.  This setup allows complete flexibility in cleaning to your specific style. You can choose to rinse directly through the 4 internal pencil jets, the over the top rinse bar, or using a Y-adapter you can use both at once.  The swiveling gooseneck allows the experienced professional to rock the brush back and forth on the surface of the window, while maintaining contact and rinse power.

Boar hair is a superior cleaning bristle recommended for the experienced professional. Unlike Nylon monofilament, boar bristle cleans in any orientation.  No matter whether the tip or the flat of the bristle is in contact with the glass, the natural fibers will scrub and remove dirt quickly and efficiently. 

Note: The rinse bar is not typically intended to be run simultaneously with the brush jets. To do this, you would need to attach an additional 5/16" Y Fitting and a few inches of standard 5/16" OD Pole Tubing. A kit for this is available HERE.


  • Made in USA

  • Boar Bristle Material

  • Lightweight

  • Euro Threaded Swivel

  • 4 Pencil Jets 

  • Jets Plumbed separately

  • 5/16" OD Tubing Tee Connectors


Standard Size: 11"W x 3"H, 14oz, UPC: 810058070333

XL: 17"W x 3"H, 22oz, UPC: 810058070340


Note: Boar's hair is a natural filament that provides much more aggressive scrubbing power than nylon or other filaments used in window cleaning brushes. Because of this, boar's hair typically degrades faster and may detach from the brush head more easily. Please be aware of the differences in brush filaments when choosing the right brush for your style of cleaning.

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