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Whisper Wash Aqua Pro 24"

Whisper Wash Aqua Pro 24"

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Utilizing the signature balanced and machined spray bar of all Whisper Wash systems with a compact surface coverage area, the Aqua Pro provides an efficient flat surface cleaner. With a 24″ housing cover and hover cover floating action, it is built for maneuverability and cleaning power. The Aqua Pro’s housing cover and heavy-duty nylon brush provide for smooth navigation across surfaces while maintaining a consistent pressurized spray.

Aqua Pro Surface Cleaner Specifications:

    • 2000 – 4000 PSI Operating Pressure

    • 4-10 GPM

    • 212 Degree Maximum Temperature

    • 2500 RPM

    • 24″ Diameter Cover

    • Trigger Gun Control

    • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar

    • Heavy Duty Nylon Brush

    • Powder Coated Handle

  • Approximate Weight: 21 lbs.
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