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Twin Pressure Nozzle Kit

Twin Pressure Nozzle Kit

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Introducing the Dual Tip Kit: Revolutionize Your Cleaning Experience!

Are you tired of struggling to clean curbs or uneven surfaces where a little more cleaning width would make all the difference? Look no further! We proudly present the Dual Tip Kit, a simple and affordable device designed to enhance your cleaning capabilities.

Unleash the Power:

With the Dual Tip Kit, you can now split your pressure at the wand, giving you the flexibility to operate either two fan spray nozzles or two turbo nozzles. This innovative solution allows for wider coverage and improved efficiency, making your cleaning tasks a breeze.

Each Nozzle Kit comes with the following tips: 

  • 4GPM (2x 25020 Tips)
  • 5.5GPM (2x 25025 Tips)
  • 8GPM (2x 25040 Tips)
  • 10GPM (2x 25055 Tips)

Exceptional Features and Benefits:

  1. 3000PSI Rated: The Dual Tip Kit is built to withstand high-pressure applications, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding cleaning tasks.

  2. Stainless Steel QC Fittings: Our kit features durable stainless steel quick-connect (QC) fittings, guaranteeing a secure and leak-free connection for seamless operation.

  3. Connects 2 Nozzles to One Water Supply: This versatile kit enables you to connect two nozzles to a single water supply, maximizing your cleaning potential without the need for additional equipment.

  4. Compatible with Standard QC Coupler Fittings: The Dual Tip Kit is designed to work seamlessly with all standard QC coupler fittings, ensuring hassle-free compatibility with your existing cleaning equipment.

  5. Connects Dual Tips: Experience the convenience of connecting and operating dual tips simultaneously, allowing you to tackle larger areas or difficult-to-reach spots with ease.

Note: Optimal Pressure Adjustment:

Please note that when utilizing this device, it is necessary to adjust your nozzle size to maintain consistent pressure. For example, if your machine typically uses a 4.0 single nozzle, you will now need two 2.0 nozzles instead. This adjustment ensures that you can achieve the desired cleaning power while utilizing the Dual Tip Kit effectively.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Arsenal with the Dual Tip Kit:

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to enhanced cleaning efficiency. The Dual Tip Kit is here to transform your cleaning experience, enabling you to tackle curbs, uneven surfaces, and other challenging areas with confidence. Its straightforward installation and compatibility with standard equipment make it a must-have accessory for any cleaning professional or enthusiast.

Invest in the Dual Tip Kit today and unlock a new level of cleaning prowess. Experience wider coverage, improved productivity, and greater versatility in your cleaning tasks. Don't miss out on this game-changing solution – get your Dual Tip Kit today!

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