The Tsunami - 17GPM Complete Air Softwash System

The Tsunami - 17GPM Complete Air Softwash System

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The Tsunami Complete Air Softwash System

Are you tired of batch mixing and utilizing a 12v pump that's prone to failure? Switch over to the Air and put that 12v in your rear view mirror. Our easy, ready to go kit allows you to utilize almost any compressor including BE 17.7CFM Compressor for the 17GPM All-Flo 1/2" pump. 

Our Soft Wash Mixer combines the very best in a Mixing Valve, Air Pump & Air Filter/Water Separator along with your choice of with/without compressor.

Included is the cam-lock fittings for both your tanks and hoses. You must supply your own 3/4" AG hose.

The Compressor is all you need to get started. We recommend running this unit at 100psi for optimal flow with a minimum of 10cfm compressor.  Results will vary based on your setup, but we typically see 45+ft out of the 17GPM with 3/4" hose supply hoses and 1/2" softwash hose. 

The Flojet 10GPM air pump will *NOT* output 10GPM with a 5cfm compressor. The only way that works if you provide a minimum of 11CFM or change the tip size down to 2GPM which defeats the purpose. We do not recommend the Flojet Air Pump any longer as they tend to crack in several places. 

Included in this Kit: 

  • 3/4" Precision 3 Valve Setup with Mixing Block 
  • 17GPM 1/2" All-Flo pump
  • Air Water Separator & Filter (Actual product may very)
  • 2x Female Cam-locks (3/4" on 17GPM)
  • 2x Male Cam-locks (3/4" on 17GPM)
  • 10ft of 3/8" Air Hose
  • ST-510 Gun with 2 port JROD & Tips
  •  How to use our Camlock Kit:
  • Compressor is not included. We recommend the  BE 17.7CFM Compressor.
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