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Summit Stack Kit - Black Steel

Summit Stack Kit - Black Steel

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**SM Series Hose Reel Stacking Kit: Optimize Space and Efficiency**

Make the most of your space with the SM Series Hose Reel Stacking Kit from Summit. Designed to enhance your hose reel storage, this kit empowers you to stack two hose reels within a 36" vertical space. Streamline your storage solution and maintain an organized workspace effortlessly.

**Key Features:**
- **Space Optimization:** Utilize a mere 36" of vertical space to stack two hose reels effectively, freeing up valuable floor area.
- **Easy Assembly:** The kit includes pre-drilled holes and anchor bolts, ensuring swift and hassle-free assembly.
- **Two-Piece Stack Frame:** The kit comprises a two-piece stack frame. Begin by mounting the bottom reel onto the bottom frame, followed by attaching the top reel onto the upper frame.
- **Convenient Installation:** Simplify the setup process with straightforward instructions that guarantee a seamless stacking experience.

**Please Note:**
- **Summit Products Shipping:** Keep in mind that Summit Products may not be available for immediate shipping. For an accurate timeline, we recommend contacting our dedicated product specialists, who will be glad to provide you with more information.
- **Reel Not Included:** This kit does not include reels. If you require reels for your setup, explore our Summit SM Series for suitable options.
- **Color Variation:** The color of the product may vary.

Elevate your storage capabilities with the SM Series Hose Reel Stacking Kit. This product embodies Summit's commitment to practicality, quality, and innovation. Please be aware that the details provided are accurate at the time of writing and may be subject to change.
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