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Pressure Pro Rupture Disk - 6200 PSI, .5 Inch MPT

Pressure Pro Rupture Disk - 6200 PSI, .5 Inch MPT

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Sacrificial Pressure Relief Disk

Designed to relieve pressure when systems reach 6200 PSI. The disc will rupture protecting the equipment in the system by relieving the excess pressure. Rupture discs are non-closing sacrificial parts, meaning the part needs replaced after being triggered.


  • Pressure Pro RD-6500 Rupture Disc for Hot Water Pressure Washers.
  • Replaces part# Q02-0190-007
  • Replaces obsolete RD-6500 Rupture Disc.
  • Rated at 6,200 PSI and 250 Deg. F
  • Threaded: 1/2in. MPT Threaded: 1/2in. MPT 
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