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PowerLight 12VDC Unit Pack Igniter

PowerLight 12VDC Unit Pack Igniter

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Beckett’s new PowerLight Igniters offers improved performance and longer life. This igniter is easy to install and is designed as a universal replacement in Beckett and other manufacturer’s burners.

Product Features
  • External heat sink eliminated for improved performance and reduced frequency of replacement due to overheating and arcing.
  • Easy change to interrupted ignition to increase igniter life and save energy.
  • Lightweight, single piece design is compatible with Beckett and other burners to reduce required inventory.
  • Fully potted with improved epoxy to withstand thermal shock and protect electronic components; waterproof.
  • Simplified wiring requirements and fewer wires for ease of installation.



12 VDC

Operating Temp Range:

-40°F to 150°F

Storage Temperature:

-40° to 150°F

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