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MTM Hydro 3/8" Thermal Relief Valve 20.0070

MTM Hydro 3/8" Thermal Relief Valve 20.0070

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MTM Hydro's Thermal Relief Valves keep your pump safe by monitoring water temperature and opening if the temperature excedes 150F. As pumps cycle for extended periods of time, the water temperature rises and can damage internal components including the unloader. Thermal Relief Valves should be installed in low pressure lines near the pump inlet to protect the water intake from accepting a high temp supply.


This product can expose you to chemicals, including DINP and/or DEHP which is known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, go to for more information.

The products we sell are not intended for use in potable water systems and are only for industrial non-drinking water applications.


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