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MTM Hydro 1/4" Fixed 12.0 Sewer Nozzle

MTM Hydro 1/4" Fixed 12.0 Sewer Nozzle

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MTM Hydro's 1/4" Stainless Steel Fixed Sewer Nozzles are ready to get down and dirty with a meticulously designed button nose Stainless body. As pressurized water passes through the body and exits through the three rear facing jets a piercing jet exits the front puncturing any impasse. The three rear facing jets pull the nozzle through the pipe so feeding it is easy from your position at the entrance. This nozzle readily suits the needs for any residential application and is used by both Pro's and Weekend Warriors! For reference: 55 translates to a size 5.5 orifice.


  • 1/4" Female NPT Inlet installs easily on 1/4" sewer line or adapter
  • Max PSI - 5,000
  • Be sure to review the MTM Hydro nozzle chart when selecting your nozzle size


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