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F9 Double Eagle Cleaner, Degreaser, Neutralizer - 5 Gallon

F9 Double Eagle Cleaner, Degreaser, Neutralizer - 5 Gallon

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F9 Double Eagle (DE) was developed as a safe-to-use, concentrated multi-purpose degreaser and general cleaner. Additionally F9 DE is an excellent neutralizer for acidic stains like sulfuric acid from Golf Cart batteries and automobiles. Use also to neutralize F9 BARC or F9 Efflo if needed. Double Eagle serves two purposes when cleaning oil stains in combination with rust or battery acid; it cleans the oil and concrete plus neutralizes the battery acid. After that it’s just a matter of a surface cleaning and you’ve performed two tasks with minimal effort!

Cut through your oily surfaces quickly and save time on your jobs with less dwell time. You’ll love how well this product works!

For use on: Oil, Hydrocarbon, Food Stains, Tire-marks, General Surface Accumulations. Do not use on Asphalt.

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