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ECHO 16 in. Low Profile Chainsaw Chain - 57 Link 91PXL57CQ

ECHO 16 in. Low Profile Chainsaw Chain - 57 Link 91PXL57CQ

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About This Product

ECHO's 16 in. replacement chainsaw chain (91PX57CQ) is of standard sequence and designed with unique chamfer chisel cutters to deliver low vibration and low kickback to increase performance and durability while providing additional safety to the user. By replacing your chain, you help to extend the life of your chainsaw bar and keep your equipment running at peak performance. This replacement chain has a 0.050 in. gauge and 3/8 in. low-profile pitch.


  • For questions about service and repair, please call Echo at 1-800-432-ECHO or reference the Service & Repair document
  • Chamfer chisel cutters with twin cutting corners for better performance
  • Compatible with 16A0CD3757C ECHO guide bar for: CS-303T, CS-310, CS-352, CS-370, CS-370F and CS-400
  • Compatible with 16A0ZD3757C ECHO guide bar for: CS-355T and CS-361P
  • Standard sequence cutting type
  • 0.050 in. gauge and 3/8 in. pitch
  • Specially-coated cutters offer extended protection
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