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BE 2" Trash Transfer Pump with Honda GX200 Engine

BE 2" Trash Transfer Pump with Honda GX200 Engine

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Heavy-duty, reinforced trash pump that will handle water with dirt, grit and rocks.

Commercial Honda engine with excellent weight to power ratio. Designed to be used all day, everyday.

Heavy-duty reinforced aluminum pump body and cast iron impellers can handle solids up to 3/4” making this pump ideal for moving dirty water.

Quick access flanges allow for rapid cleaningof the pump body.

Steel roll cage protects the machine and provides ergonomic hand holds to easily maneuver it.

Built-in data plate includes all the key information the user would need to operate.

The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website.

DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 21"x17"x19"
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