Proportioner User Guide

Cigar City Softwash Proportioner User Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the Cigar City Softwash Proportioner! We're thrilled that you chose us. This guide will assist you in quickly getting started with your new equipment.

Plumbing The plumbing setup is straightforward. Use ½" or ¾" Ag or Suction Hose to connect the Mixing Valve to your Water and SH Tanks. For connecting to your soap tank (if applicable), use ¼" Ag hose. You can use any combination of valves to connect to the tanks. Connect the outlet side of the pump to your hose reel and the inlet side to your new mixing valve.

We highly recommend using the Camlock Flush Kit on the water and SH lines. This allows for easy flushing of your SH valve after each job. Simply disconnect the water line, connect the SH line to the water tank inlet, close all other valves, and run the system for 5 minutes. That's all it takes!

Mixing Ratio The mixing ratio is straightforward, with 5 on the dial representing the maximum and 0 being off. Here are the ratios we use for our own washes:

5 - SH, 5 - Water, 5 - Soap (50/50 Mix) 2 - SH, 5 - Water, 3 - Soap (House Mix)

Troubleshooting Pump keeps running but doesn't build pressure. Check all fittings on the outlet side of the pump for tightness. Avoid over-tightening Pentair metering valves, as this can cause them to crack. If cracked, you are responsible for purchasing replacement parts. Ensure that the wand/gun trigger is closed.

Unit doesn't draw soap, SH, or water. Check that the lines are properly connected, the metering valve is open, and the drop tube in the tank is securely attached.

Pump builds pressure and shoots far, but after 5 seconds, the flow diminishes. There may be a leak on the suction side of the system. Check all fittings, bulkheads, and hoses for tightness. Check each Proportioner valve individually. Close two valves and open one. If two of the three valves work fine but one doesn't, it indicates that air is being sucked into that particular line.

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