How To Use & Configure Proportioner Mixing Valves

How to Use Proportioner Mixing Valves

Proportioner mixing valves are essential tools for achieving accurate dilution ratios when using cleaning solutions in various applications. Follow these steps to effectively use proportioner mixing valves:

  1. Determine the Desired Mix Ratio: Understand the desired mix ratio for the specific cleaning task. For standard house cleaning, the mix ratio is typically 100% water, 25% Sodium Hypochlorite (SH), and 10% soap if equipped. Note that different proportioner models may have different number settings for these ratios. For example, on white Monsoon series Proportioners, the settings would be 5 for water, 2.5 for SH, and 1 for soap. On GF/Orange valves on the Hurricane Series, the settings would be 180 for water, 60 for SH, and 20 for soap. Remember that the numbers on GF valves represent degrees, not percentages.

  2. Adjust the Proportioner Valve Settings: Set the proportioner valve dials or knobs to the corresponding numbers for water, SH, and soap based on the desired mix ratio. Ensure the valve is securely tightened after adjusting.

  3. Roof Cleaning Mix: For roof cleaning, the standard mix ratio is 100% water, 50% SH, and 30% soap. Increase the SH concentration to 70% for stubborn stains. In extreme cases where a stain cannot be removed, turn off the water valve and set the SH to 100%. For Monsoon white valves, this would be 5 for water, 4 for SH, and 2 for soap. For GF valves, use 180 for water, 100 for SH, and 50 for soap.

  4. Flushing the System: After using the proportioner, it's crucial to flush the system to prevent any residue or build-up. Use camlocks for easy flushing. Start by disconnecting the water cam and shutting off the water valve. Then, remove the SH line from the SH tank and connect it to the water tank. Open the SH line to 100% and run the system for 5 minutes to flush the system thoroughly. Remember to replace the cams to their original positions once the flushing is complete.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize proportioner mixing valves to achieve accurate mix ratios for your specific cleaning needs. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and recommended settings for your particular proportioner model to ensure optimal performance.