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Remote 1" Proportioner System - Precision Valves

Remote 1" Proportioner System - Precision Valves

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Remote Proportioner System for AR45/P40 Gas Roof Pump System

For any gas systems, a minimum of a 1" Proportioner is required. On Systems such as the All-Flo Air System, a 1" Proportioner is required. 

On 12v or Flojet Air systems, a 1" proportioner is NOT recommended. These systems do not provide enough pressure to fully fill the lines and it causes air bubbles to form throughout the system. It is a common misconception that a 12v pump needs a 1" proportioner. It simply does not have the power to handle this size. 

Shown is the optional Batch Buster Valves which are no longer avaliable.

Our remote system allows you to turn off your soap line & switch your SH line to water, allowing you full flow for rinsing the system after your job is completed. This system consists of:

  • Two 1" Metering Valves
  • One 1/2" Metering Valve
  • Poly 3 or 4 Port Block
  • 12v 3 Way Ball Valve
  • 12v 1 Way Soap Valve Solenoid
  • Mounting Plate
  • 2 Remote Controls

Additional remotes can be purchased at anytime. We provide a 1 year warranty on this entire system. 

Current lead time is 5-7 days. Actual product may very slightly depending on which blocks/valves are in stock.

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