New Build User Manual

Cigar City Softwash Trailer User Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the Cigar City Softwash Trailer! This comprehensive guide will assist you in quickly getting started and addressing any concerns you may encounter.

Maintenance Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of your trailer. Please note that SH/Bleach is highly corrosive. In case of spills or leaks, rinse the affected areas immediately. Do not allow SH to remain on the trailer or equipment as this will void your warranty. Flushing every component containing SH on a daily basis is necessary.

Gearbox Machines:

It is crucial to change the oil in each machine every 100 hours of operation. This includes the engine, pump, and gearbox assembly. Start by draining the oil from all three components. After draining, replace the oil filter in the engine with a new one. Additionally, we recommend emptying the water filter on a weekly basis.

Honda GX630/690/igx700/800: Oil Filter (Fram PH6607). Oil: Mobil 1 Synthetic 10w30 Gearboxes: Gear Oil Weight 90 Pumps: Non Detergent 30 (ND30)

Hotbox Heaters:

Maintaining heaters is simple; only the diesel fuel filters need to be changed every 100 hours. Most customers perform this task every 2 months.

Air Compressors:

If your trailer is equipped with an air compressor, engine oil and pump oil changes are necessary every 100 hours. For engines, 10w30 Synthetic oil works well. Please refer to your compressor manual for the recommended pump oil weight.


Our trailers are designed to withstand the demands of our line of work, but they do require your attention or you can bring it to us for assistance.

Change axle grease every 6 months (refer to Lippert Quick Lube on YouTube for instructions) Promptly sand and repaint any rust areas. We recommend checking for rust on a weekly basis. Check lights and tire pressure daily (refer to the side of the tire for maximum psi, typically 65 psi). Immediately rinse off any spilled SH from the deck.

Startup Pressure Washers

Ensure that the ball valves at the end of the hoses are closed.

Close the ball valves at the ends of the hoses. Pull out the choke and set the throttle to 50%. Turn the key to start the engine. Allow the engine to warm up for 15-30 seconds before increasing the throttle to 100%. After use, let the pressure washer run in bypass mode for 10-15 seconds before shutting it off. Leave the ball valve open to relieve pressure and never allow it to remain pressurized.

Air Softwash

Ensure that the Proportioner valves are closed.

Flip the switch to "ON," slide the choke to the ON position, and turn on the fuel. Pull-start the engine and allow the compressor to reach 100 psi before opening the air valve. Set the proportioner to the desired mix, open the air valve, and allow the system to prime. This may take up to 30 seconds. After use, swap the cam locks on the water and SH lines to flush the system for at least 5 minutes. Open the drain at the bottom of the air tanks at the end of each day to ensure water is flushed out. Also, drain water from the air/water separator daily. The separator should be attached to the airline at the edge of your tank.

12v Softwash

Ensure that the Proportioner valves are closed.

Flip the switch to "ON." Set the proportioner to the desired mix and allow the system to prime. This may take up to 60 seconds. After use, swap the cam locks on the water and SH lines to flush the system for at least 5 minutes. At the end of each day, we recommend using a trickle charger to recharge the battery overnight. Your trailer is equipped to charge the battery from the pressure washer and your truck.

Softwashing with a Proportioner

The ratio is straightforward. The dial ranges from 0 (off) to 5 (maximum). We utilize the following ratios for our washes:

5 - SH, 5 - Water, 5 - Soap (50/50 Roof or stubborn stain Mix) 2 - SH, 5 - Water, 3 - Soap (House mix)

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE THE CAM LOCK SYSTEM TO FULLY FLUSH THE PROPORTIONER AFTER EVERY USE. Simply disconnect the SH line from the SH tank, disconnect the water line from the water tank, and connect the SH line to the water tank. Run the system for 3 minutes.

General Tips Unless necessary, avoid transporting the trailer with more than a ¼ tank of water. Check lights, tire pressures, battery level, and fuel level daily. Only fill your SH tank with the required amount for the week. SH loses effectiveness after 5 days.

Troubleshooting Softwash Pump keeps running but doesn't build pressure. Check all fittings for tightness to locate any leaks. Avoid over-tightening metering valves as they may crack. If there are no visible leaks, the issue may be between the pump and the drop tubes in the tank, often occurring at the connection point of the drop tubes with the bulkhead inside the tank.

Softwash System doesn't draw soap, SH, or water. Check that the lines are connected, the metering valve is open, and the drop tube in the tank is securely attached. Also, ensure that the check valve is not stuck.

Pressure Washer doesn't build pressure. Check the filters for any blockages that may hinder water flow. In most cases, the filter is clogged. Remove the ½" nut on the bottom of the Y filter and allow water to drain for 30 seconds. Ensure that the gearbox and pump are adequately filled with oil, refilling them to halfway up the sight glass. If the pump valves are stuck, use a 30mm socket to unscrew the 6 caps, remove the valve, and press on the stainless steel spring with a pencil. Then reassemble. Other potential causes could include a bad pump seal, a system leak, or insufficient water in the tank.

Buffer Tank has algae in it. Clean the tank with a light spray of SH. Rinse the tank thoroughly and refill it. Adding 1 cup of SH to your tank once a month is recommended.

Pressure Washer doesn't start. Check the battery for a dead charge, ensure there is fuel, and inspect the fuel filter for any clogs. Also, check if the spark plug is fouled.

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