Hotbox Troubleshooting

How to Troubleshoot Pressure Washing Hotboxes

Pressure washing hotboxes are essential components of hot water pressure washers, and sometimes they may encounter issues that prevent them from functioning properly. Here's a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to help you identify and resolve common problems with pressure washing hotboxes:

Hotbox Does Not Turn On:

  1. Check Power Connections: Start by examining the power connections from the battery to the hotbox power supply. Rust or corrosion on the crimped battery connectors can cause a weak or nonexistent connection. Ensure the connections are clean and secure.

  2. Inspect the Junction Box: Verify the power in the junction box. The wiring typically involves power entering one terminal and being transferred to another switch device. Check the breaker, main switch, thermostat, and flow switch, as these are the primary safety switches used in hotboxes.

  3. Test the Flow Switch: The flow switch failure is a common issue. With the hotbox running, place a magnet on the flow sensor. If the hotbox fires up, it indicates a faulty flow switch that needs replacement. Cigar City Softwash Supply offers replacement parts for flow switches.

Hotbox Turns On but Does Not Fire:

  1. Check Fuel Level: Ensure that the diesel tank has an adequate amount of fuel. Some tank styles may not pick up the last couple of inches of fuel due to the drop tube design. Insufficient fuel can prevent ignition.

  2. Verify Fuel Flow: If the blower turns on but doesn't ignite, check the fuel flow. Locate the 10mm barb next to the fuel pump on the side of the blower motor. Loosen it until fuel starts to flow out, then retighten. This step is necessary to remove any fuel bubbles that might be blocking the flow. If fuel isn't flowing, check the connection of the green solenoid on top of the fuel pump. Replace the solenoid if needed, especially for older or inactive units.

  3. Check for Spark: Remove the two flathead screws from the top of the igniter (under the dome-shaped cover). Position a metal screwdriver on one spring at an angle so that it extends about an inch over the second spring. Turn on the hotbox, and you should observe a spark between the screwdriver and the second spring. If there's no spark, the igniter needs replacement.

For further troubleshooting assistance or more detailed guidance, don't hesitate to contact the experts at Cigar City Softwash Supply at 813-686-7638. We can provide additional support and help you resolve any hotbox-related issues.