Why CRX Engines?

Title: The Changing Landscape of Commercial Pressure Washing: A Guide to Motor Options and Reliability

In the world of commercial pressure washing, two significant trends are driving change: the consideration of available market options when upgrading equipment and the need for alternatives when facing the unavailability of parts for existing Honda or similar units. This guide aims to shed light on the industry's current landscape, supply chain challenges, and the emergence of new motor manufacturers as reliable alternatives. Let's explore these changes in detail.

The Impact of Global Changes:
Since 2020, the business landscape has undergone drastic transformations, affecting small businesses' day-to-day operations. Factors such as increased costs of materials, manufacturing, importing, and shipping have had a substantial impact. For instance, Honda Motors experienced over a 20% increase in costs in 2022 alone. As the most expensive component of commercial pressure washing units, this price surge has significantly impacted the pricing of these machines.

Price as a Driving Factor:
While prices have indeed increased, availability has become a major concern in the industry. The cost surge and the decreasing availability of units have made them harder to acquire and more expensive. Customers have noticed the substantial price hikes, leading to questions about why their previously purchased machines have become over $1,000 more expensive. This trend can also be observed in the truck industry.

Parts Supply Issues:
The supply of parts has also been a significant challenge. As Honda motors encounter issues, acquiring the necessary parts for repairs has become increasingly difficult. The availability of parts plays a crucial role in maintaining the reliability of these motors. However, when parts become scarce, it becomes a challenge to keep the motors running smoothly.

Emergence of New Motor Manufacturers:
In response to these challenges, several reliable manufacturers have stepped up to meet the demands of the pressure washing and paver sealing industry. One of the first motors to address the scarcity of Honda motors was CRX. The CigarCity Gear Drive, powered by CRX motors, gained high demand when Honda motor deliveries faced extensive delays. Extensive research and development ensured that these units would be reliable alternatives in the industry.

Testing and Reliability:
To ensure their reliability, the CRX motors underwent comprehensive testing. Various tests were conducted, and the motors were evaluated for their build quality. These tests, along with discussions, interviews, and reviews from other stores, confirmed the reliability of the CRX motors. Over 600 units were built and put into field operations within the first 13 months, solidifying their reputation as one of the most widely used motors in the pressure washing and paver sealing industry nationwide.

The Rise of Other Motor Manufacturers:
CRX is not the only manufacturer chasing Honda's spot in the market. Several other equipment manufacturers, including Bandit, have also introduced alternative motor brands to their lineup. Availability of parts and reliable engines are now the primary factors driving the industry forward. Customers require equipment that will reliably perform on job sites and provide the necessary workload.

Power Comparison:
When comparing power, availability, and price, the new line of 750cc engines stands out. The CigarCity Gear Drive with a Honda IGX800 motor, the CigarCity Gear Drive with a CRX 750cc motor, and the Bandit Belt Drive with a 750cc motor all offer the same working power and similar warranties. However, Honda motors are harder to find, parts are less available, and they cost around $1,000 more compared to the alternatives.

As the commercial pressure washing industry continues to grow and evolve, it is essential to adapt and explore new motor options. The emergence of reliable alternatives addresses the challenges of price increases and availability of parts. Companies like CRX and CigarCity have proven their reliability, surpassing Honda in pricing, parts availability, and reliability. With power, availability, and affordability on their side, these new motor manufacturers are here to stay and provide customers with the necessary equipment to keep their businesses moving forward.

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