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Weekly Rig Spotlight - Starter Series

Product Guide: Introducing the Starter Series - Unleash Your Power Washing Potential!

We're thrilled to present our all-new Starter Series, designed with your needs in mind. We've listened to your feedback and incorporated valuable features to enhance your power washing experience. Packed with essential tools and top-of-the-line equipment, the Starter Series offers unbeatable value at an affordable price of $12,460. Let's explore the incredible components included in this remarkable package:

  1. Side Reels: The Starter Series now comes standard with side reels, providing convenient storage and easy access to your hoses. Say goodbye to tangled hoses and wasted time—keep your workspace organized and efficient.


Ladder & Surface Cleaner Rack: We understand the importance of accessibility and organization. With the included ladder and surface cleaner rack, you can securely store and transport your equipment, ensuring quick and hassle-free setup at every job site.

CRX 420 5.5@3000: Our Starter Series is powered by the robust CRX 420 5.5@3000 engine, delivering exceptional performance and reliability. With this powerful machine at your disposal, you'll tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks with ease.

Hammerhead Surface Cleaner: Experience unmatched efficiency and outstanding results with the Hammerhead Surface Cleaner. This high-quality attachment enables fast and thorough cleaning of large surface areas, saving you valuable time and effort.

5 Gallons of Lemon Dancer: Our specially formulated Lemon Dancer detergent is included in the package, offering superior cleaning power for a wide range of applications. Remove stubborn stains and grime effortlessly while enjoying the refreshing scent of lemons.

12v Softwash with Hurricane Proportioner: Take your cleaning capabilities to the next level with the 12v Softwash system and Hurricane Proportioner. Achieve precise chemical mixing and consistent application, ensuring optimal cleaning results every time.

200ft of The Hose Company Fierce Jet & Soft Jet Hose: We've included 200ft of high-quality hose from The Hose Company, featuring the Fierce Jet and Soft Jet options. These versatile hoses provide exceptional durability, flexibility, and performance, enabling you to adapt to various cleaning requirements effortlessly.

The Starter Series is the ultimate power washing package, combining essential tools and cutting-edge equipment to empower your business. With a comprehensive range of features and unbeatable value, you'll be equipped to tackle any cleaning challenge that comes your way.

At Cigar City Softwash Supply, we're committed to delivering the highest quality products and solutions to professionals in the industry. With the Starter Series, you can elevate your power washing capabilities, enhance productivity, and achieve remarkable results. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock your power washing potential! Contact us today to order your Starter Series and embark on a new level of cleaning excellence.



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