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Standard Size Tucker® Boar brush w/4 Fan Jets

Standard Size Tucker® Boar brush w/4 Fan Jets

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Designed for experienced window washers, this American made water fed brush is made from natural boar bristles for a superior clean.  Whereas Nylon is only truly effective with the tip to the glass, the natural fibers of the boar bristle clean and scrub regardless of their orientation.  This allows the seasoned professional to clean into corners and crevices by splaying the fibers of the brush out and utilizing the entire surface of the boar bristles.

This brush comes with 4 plumbed Fan jets, creating direct streams of high-pressure water that powers away grime.  Fan jets are perfect  for situations where a deeper level of cleaning is needed, and a higher water pressure is desired directly on the glass to minimize physical strain by the operator.  The brush comes in two sizes: Standard and XL


  • Made in USA

  • Boar Bristle Material

  • Lightweight

  • Euro Threaded Socket

  • 4 Fan Jets 

  • Jets Plumbed together

  • 5/16" OD Tubing Tee Connectors


Standard Size: 11"W x 3"H, 9.5oz

Xl Size: 17"W x 3"H, 16oz


Note: Boar's hair is a natural filament that provides much more aggressive scrubbing power than nylon or other filaments used in window cleaning brushes. Because of this, boar's hair typically degrades faster and may detach from the brush head more easily. Please be aware of the differences in brush filaments when choosing the right brush for your style of cleaning.

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